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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Eleanor Collinsworth
Phone - 607-776-3434
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     Please let our Church Secretary know when you expect to leave for warmer weather. We will be able to send the Newsletter to you if you give us your address.  Just give Rose a call at 776-3434. If you put a "stop" on your mail here and/or have it forwarded to you, because the Centurion is sent by bulk mail, it will be returned by the postal service to the church and we will be charged up to 50ยข or more per newsletter.
Have a wonderful winter !
The Memorial Poinsettia Tree

    The first Memorial Poinsettia tree was first displayed in 1981.  The idea for the tree originated with the newly formed Memorial Committee.  The tree base, built by the late John Straulka  was given by friends and family in memory of Hazel Francis, longtime active member of Centenary and mother of Barbara Wager, Mary Longwell and the late James Francis.  Mr. & Mrs. Harry Tetor and daughter, Maureen, florists of Corning Northside Floral and Bath Floral, advised us as to shelf size and flower arrangements.  For about 13 years Liz and Karl Ralston, members of the Memorial committee, were responsible for the tree.  Members of the Memorial Committee and Centenary Custodians have assisted in assembling and placing of the poinsettias.
    Through the years, the Memorial Poinsettia tree has become a meaningful tradition.  Each plant placed in memory or in honor of a loved one adds a special gift of love when the tree is disassembled and poinsettias are delivered to shut-ins.  
    It is a joy that we can share with passersby the beauty of the Poinsettia tree, displayed as it is, in our lighted Narthex.

Dorothy Cornell
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