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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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    Past Bazaars . . .

    Remembering Past Bazaars is like opening Pandora's Box except OUR "box" elicits smiles, fellowship and enticing aromas. And What aromas greeted our customers. Sharon Barnes, a modem Pied Piper, delivered warm bread fresh from her oven. The bread was offered to the Baked Goods booth and served by the slice with Nancy Jones’ hot bubbling soups. Adding to the “nose tingling" experiences were homemade donuts by Anna Beeman, Ann Leach’s gingerbread men and
mulled cider from a booth designed and manned by Bev Cook and family.
   First Bazaars were sponsored by The Women's Society of Christian Service [U.M.W.]. Before long Bazaars included not only lunch but a smorgasbord dinner [including scalloped oysters]. It was then the Bazaar became a church Wide project.
   What an ambitious project our Bazaars became. More people involved always means changes and new ideas. In 1988 Pat Sherer and Dot Cornell, co-chairmen, introduced the charge card system. The first reaction, “We’ve never done it this way" soon changed to a realization that this method resulted in more sales and relieved booth attendants of handling money. Linda Wilcox became our Bazaar's Finance Chairperson, setting up the card system, organizing cashiers, etc. How fortunate we have been to have Linda sharing her expertise all of these years. Many thanks, Linda.
   At the 1988 Bazaar dinner Judy Aho, diningroom chairperson, greeted diners, introduced them to hosts/hostesses who led them to their tables and to an appetizing salad bar! [Another new addition]. Pat Crippen led the kitchen staff in preparation of a ham dinner. I enjoyed reading Pat's detailed report including expenses, menus, staff [14], suggestions and a personal comment “I

sent thank you notes to the kitchen crew! Would be interested in Working on the dinner next year. Lee [Shaver] and I made a good team,” I'm sure that offer was remembered!
    On December 6, 1988 the Ad. Board [a.k.a. Council] adopted the following policy: A 10% tithe from the Bazaar Would go to the CARE Committee and next years tithe would be decided by the Ad Board in September. In succeeding years disposition of the tithe has depended on suggestions by workers, chairpersons and needs. Some uses have included Thanksgiving Boxes, aid to the Avoca Methodist Church following their church fire and to the Centenary budget.
    I’ve enjoyed a trip down Memory Lane as I read history of past bazaars! I'm reminded of changes in booths, chairpersons, Workers, bazaar themes, menus, prices and Wonderful kitchen staffs. So many men and Women have been Willing to keep our bazaars alive and Well. Although I Would like to include names it’s impossible to do so. I'm leaving it up to you to think of all those you have Worked with. There are a few people Whose names keep popping up. RememberP?P?P Pauline Ordway [the doll booth lady] Loretta and Oliver Barnes, ]ohn Onnsby [wood carvings], Arlene Wheaton, Joyce Brush, Gladys Ouderkirk, Virginia and George Miller, Marguerite Ruger, Betty Hudson. . . Long gone,but not forgotten.

May God continue to bless us at Centenary

Dorothy Cornell
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