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November 2017
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The Chapel
As was noted in the July 2014

    First there was a dream.  Then there were plans and then there was an enthusiastic committee spearheaded by Connie Jackson.

    The visions were for a Prayer Room; a room for individual meditation and small prayer groups.  Perhaps the room could be used for small weddings or seasonal celebrations.  The possibilities seemed endless.

 Evolving from the planning committee came the thought of a Chapel.

    It was necessary to create a tastefully decorated restful atmosphere that would inspire a prayerful environment.

    Choosing and coordinating new furniture, covering for the benches, wallpaper to cover the paneling was delegated to Barney and Donna Bonicave and Ken and Pat Sherer with input from Connie Jackson.  The result was a warm, restful area for individuals or small groups, a prayerful room.

Many memorials were directed for use for the Chapel as it was to be called. All gifts in memory of Marguerite Ruger, who died in 2002, were designated by her family for the Chapel.  All memorial gifts for Dick Emerson who died in 2001 were designated by his family for the Chapel.  Both Marguerite and Dick were longtime active Centenarians who have been involved in a variety of services to the Glory of God at Centenary.

The table/altar was previously given by Nancy Jones in memory of her husband Leo Jones.  The cross from the old sanctuary was given in memory of Harold Morrison, and was in need of refurbishing.  The refurbishing was done in memory of David Northrop given by his parents, John and Helen Northrop.  Other memorial gifts have been directed to be used in the Chapel.  As with all memorials, these gifts, as well as the Chapel, are used to the Glory of God.

Dorothy Cornell

United Methodist Women

    The next meeting of the UMW will be held on Tuesday, November 14th.  Bag lunch at noon; dessert supplied by Linda Wilcox.  Program will be on the World Thank Offering led by Ruth Reppert.
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