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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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The Thanksgiving Progect

You touched so many lives this Thanksgiving with your love and your care. Thanks Centenary Family.


You didn't do it alone.

In all, several hundred family units were reached and countless individuals were able to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal because of the generosity and mission spirit of so many.

When Jesus said. "Love your neighbor as yourself." YOU obviously listened.


    To everyone who helped with the BAZAAR. It is hard to thank so many people, but we would like to especially thank the following:
Melanie Clark, Holly & Jim Gleason,
Virginia Jones, Martha Bigelow
and Stephanie Witt.
We appreciate all your hard work!

The Grand Total to Date (after expenses) is $2,677.25

          Tote Bags            $155.00
          Baked Goods        $546.25
          Christmas            $184.90
          Candy/Pantry        $13.25
          Crafts                 $562.00
          Granny's Attic      $134.65
          Jim's Woodwork   $250.00
          Breakfast               $6.00
          LUNCH               $632.00
          Donations           $219.00

    It was a great success and I think eveyone enjoyed the day.
    Thank you to Todd for helping set up, clean up and taking items to the Salvation Army store.
    Martha and I would like to have any suggestions, comments or things you think we should change - for the next year - hopefully we will have a Bazaar again next year. We are hoping to place workshops to make items during the year, so please give us some ideas for that.


Marhta Bigelow and Linda Wilcox
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