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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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      Our U.M.W. ladies have had to make adjustments to this year’s events just as all other parts of the church have had to do.  Rummage and Bake Sales have had to be cancelled which have been part of raising money to support our mission work.  Some of us are anxious to clean out some closets and cupboards at home and are looking forward to being able to hold these sales again in 2022; we are hopeful.
    As you know by now we are continuing with theBirthday/Anniversary Calendar project.  Advertising costs remain at $10/month or $100/year.  The names of individuals and businesses supporting a particular month are listed at the bottom of that month.  We encourage the support of those businesses that advertise with us.  It is especially nice to thank a business you visit for their support. Because we do not sell a traditional calendar as we once did, we would be grateful for any contribution you might consider giving toward this project.  Contributions can be directed to Linda Wilcox or Mary Dunham.  Because some of us do not have printers the Birthday/Anniversary Calendar is being printed and will be available at the table when you enter for church.  In this way you can have a copy to put on your refrigerator.
 I would like to share the following information with you that is taken from RESPONSE, September/October 2021 issue, the magazine of women in mission, about the Neighborhood Center in Utica, NY.  The Neighborhood Center is a United Methodist Women related national mission institution supported by members’ Mission Giving.
RESPONSE, September/October 2021 issue, the magazine of women in mission, about the Neighborhood Center in Utica, NY.  The Neighborhood Center is a United Methodist Women related national mission institution supported by members’ Mission Giving.
The center began as the Italian Settlement House in 1909 by six Methodist women.  In 1945 the name was changed to the Neighborhood Center.  The Center has been hit hard by the pandemic but has recommitted their work to its earliest mission and legacy: child care.  The Center also offers an Adult Recovery Services program focusing on mental health.
   Tough decisions have had to be made as they continue to advocate for children and families who depend on the center for school, after school and early child care. Sometime before the pandemic five of us from our church and two from the District visited the Neighborhood Center; we were impressed with the work they are doing.
There are approximately 90 community centers connected to United Methodist Women like the Utica Neighborhood Center.  There are challenges but a better way is being paved for all thanks to various programs, volunteers and giving to missions through the United Methodist Women.

     Donna McIntire, UMW Vice-President
Chapter One
By Melanie Clark, Chairperson of SPRC        
     If a member of our Lay Leadership Team asked you to serve on the SPRC, I think many of you would first respond by saying, “But what does that committee DO?” Good question! To begin to answer that question, it would probably be a good idea to know what those letters stand for in the first place. And just to make things more fun, sometimes the SPRC is also called PPRC or SPPRC! Too much alphabet soup at CUMC of the UMC! Allow me to try to clarify.
    The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, which contains the law
and doctrine of the United Methodist Church, requires that each local church have a
committee on pastor-parish relations. This committee is commonly called SPRC (Staff-
Parish Relations Committee), PPRC (Pastor-Parish Relations Committee) or SPPRC
(Staff-Pastor-Parish Relations Committee). Regardless of how we name it, the committee is charged with:
 Identifying and clarifying ministry values
 Reflecting on the mission and ministries of the local church
 Assisting the pastor and staff in assessing gifts, maintaining health, and setting priorities
    In lay terms, this committee can be viewed as a personnel committee or human
resources team, but with a number of spiritual and ministerial responsibilities as well.
    Your current SPRC at CUMC includes the following members:

   Sylvia Mori Don Snyder
    Linda Blodgett Aimee Gallipeau
    Claretha Coumbe Melanie Clark, Chair

    In January, 2022, we will officially add Josh Goodwin to our membership.
Though not a member of the committee, the Pastor attends meetings, except for meetings during which the Pastor’s appointment may be discussed.
    As part of their duties, the SPRC is required to complete and submit several forms
each year, and your SPRC has been working hard to complete this sacred work. These
forms include:
 SPRC Appointment Advisory Form: We use this form to indicate to the
Conference whether we’d like to keep our current pastor or not, as well as to
indicate the impact of losing our current pastor. (FYI: We asked to keep
Pastor Leanne!)
 Church Profile: This form includes descriptions of our community, our
congregation, our spiritual focus, our sense of mission and ministry, pastoral
leadership and our facility. This information is valuable to our District
Superintendent and to our Conference leadership as they prayerfully make
pastor appointments. The SPRC is currently working to update and complete
this information
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