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Centenary United Methodist Church

3 W Washington St
Bath, NY

Pastor - Eleanor Collinsworth
Phone - 607-776-3434
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Scheduled Liturgists: 8:30 Service

June  3 Leslie Roof
      10 Bob Dunham
      17 Ruth Sprague
      24 Aimee Gallipeau  

Scheduled Liturgists 10:50 Service

June 3 John Gould
     10 Diane Doty
     17 Kathy Putman
     24 Sandy Delfyette

    If you find you are scheduled to read for a date you will be unable to attend, please contact the person either before or after you and try to switch days with them.  Then immediately call the church office with the change [776-3434.] If you are unable to find a replacement please notify the church ASAP.  Thank  you.

Scheduled Ushers:  8:30 Service

June   3 Joel & Donna Fiske
      10 Fred & Bonnie Finch
      17 Dick & Virginia Jones
      24 Dick Gardiner & Carole Humphrey

Scheduled Ushers:  10:50 Service

June   3 Leslie & Suzanne Babcock
      10 Sonny & Nicole Delfyette
      17 Harry & Donna Keen
      24 Kathy Putman & Diane Doty

   Thank you for agreeing to serve your church as an usher. Please remember these basic duties.
       Arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to the service and begin handing out bulletins and warmly greeting those who arrive. Approximately 15 minutes after the service begins count all who are in attendance and record the number in the Sacristy.

    Save the Date . . .
    Vacation Bible School

    Vacation Bible School will be held
    August 6th through August 9th
    from 1:00-3:15pm
    Monday through Thursday

    Children’s & Youth Sunday
    June 10th, 2018

    Join us in both services, and as we celebrate another fun and faith-forming year of Sunday School and Youth Group:

    •  Youth will lead all aspects of both services
    • Our children and youth will be recognized for participation in Christian Education programs and activities.

    You won’t want to miss
    this special Sunday!
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