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Men of the Bible - Part Forty
 David, The King of Israel

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon 2 Samuel, Chapter One through Twelve

Finally, after forty-two years, Saul was no longer the ruler of the land.
At first, David was made the king of Judah, but people would demand
That he rule over all of Israel, a much larger realm, and so the time came
When David was king of Israel, as God wanted, and gained lasting fame.

David did many things right, but, alas, he often went astray.
He could be treacherous and brutal when he didn’t get his way.
An example of this was when he lusted after another man’s wife.
Her name was Bathsheba; she was pledged to Uriah for life.

David slept with her, though she was married to another.
She became pregnant and informed David, “I’m to be a mother.”
David sent for Uriah, inquired how things were going and then he said,
Go home and relax.  See your wife and share her bed.”

David was hoping that Uriah would do this and think the child was his own.
But Uriah didn’t go home, for his loyalty and allegiance had grown
So that he wouldn’t abandon his men who slept in tents with no luxury.
He vowed, ‘Whatever they are experiencing is good enough for me.”

When David learned of this, he sent Uriah back and gave the command
To Uriah’s general.  “Place Uriah in the front ranks of the men where he will stand
Closest to the enemy.” David’s plan was to create a situation where
Uriah would be in the line of fire for every enemy archer there.

The plan worked; Uriah was killed. David and Bathsheba were wed.
But the Lord was very displeased and soon the child was dead.
David knew he had sinned, but he couldn’t change the fact
That he and Bathsheba had lost the child because of his immoral act.

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