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Men of the Bible - Part Thirty-four

Saul – the First King of Israel

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon 1 Samuel, Chapters Ten through Fifteen.

When the people asked for a king, the Lord reluctantly agreed.
The people kept rejecting His way.  They wouldn’t heed
The Lord’s instructions.  They wouldn’t follow His path.
They often bore the consequences of God’s righteous wrath.

God chose Saul, from the tribe of Benjamin, to be Israel’s very first king.
Samuel was the Lord’s spokesman.  It was he would bring
God’s message to the Israelite people and to their new king, Saul.
Things would be fine if only they would obey the One Above All.

At first, things seemed to be going well under Saul’s leadership.
He created a mighty army and soon had many enemies in his grip,
But the Philistines were the greatest enemy, creating the most fear.
The men of Israel lost their nerve and refused to adhere

To the directions from the Lord that Samuel faithfully related.
The men hid in caves and holes, anywhere they could. Saul participated
In the sacrifice of a burnt offering that the Lord had forbidden.
Meanwhile the army was trembling with fear where they were hidden.

Saul’s son, Jonathan, came up with a daring strategy
That allowed his father, with six hundred, to win a victory
Over the Philistines, but Saul, foolishly seemed destined to go astray.
He had many military successes, but he refused to follow The Way.

Finally the Lord said to Samuel, “I’m sorry I made Saul king.
He isn’t loyal; he doesn’t obey me. He wasn’t a sure thing.”
The Lord had already chosen the one, who would take Saul’s place,
But it would be several years before David would
fill that space.

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