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Men of the Bible - Part Thirty-seven

David: Saul is Jealous and Wants David Dead

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon 1 Samuel, Chapter Eighteen through Twenty-two.

Saul thought he should be number one in everything,
So when it became evident that David was more popular than he,
King Saul was filled with envy and jealousy.  

Whatever task Saul assigned to David, he succeeded above expectation.
He was the mightiest military leader in the entire nation.
Whenever he led the army, no matter the fierceness or number of the foe,
The Israelites, under David, would win, giving the enemy a deathly blow.

Saul’s jealousy continued to grow and soon, with every breath,
He plotted and sought for ways to assure David’s death.
He continually sent him into battle hoping the enemy would slay
The young and popular leader that he thought ‘was in his way’.

David kept winning battles; he seemed to have a charmed life.
Saul consented one day to allow Michal, his daughter, to become David’s wife,
But then he sent some of his men to slay David while he was in bed.
Michal warned him.  Without her help, he would have surely been dead.

Saul’s son, Jonathan, liked David and became his best friend.
He knew of his father’s hatred for David, that he wanted to end
The life of the one that Jonathan loved so dearly, like a brother.
He learned of a plot that Saul had to kill David.  There was no other

Who could have warned David in time to help him hide from Saul’s wrath.
David escaped from Saul and went to King Achish of Gath.
But Achish didn’t want him so he went to Mizpeh in Moab instead.
Saul still sought David’s capture.  Saul still wanted him dead.

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