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Men of the Bible - Part Fourteen
Joseph — The Wisest Man in All of Egypt

                                                                        As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                            Based upon Genesis, Chapters Forty-one and Forty-two

The Pharaoh made Joseph the ruler of Egypt. He showed no hesitation.
He knew, from the dreams he had, that the entire Egyptian nation
Was about to experience seven years of famine, a huge catastrophe.
He said to Joseph, “The only one more powerful than you will be me.”

Joseph was given a chariot, new clothing and a special ring.
He soon toured the entire land. He studied everything
That needed to be addressed to prepare the country for disaster.
No one could move a hand or a foot unless and until the "master"

That the Pharaoh had endorsed gave his approval to their plan.
The strategy was to set aside and store massive amounts. There was a ban
On waste and frivolous use of food and produce that would be needed
When the promised famine arrived. All of the people heeded

The orders given by Joseph so that when the famine engulfed the land,
The Egyptian people were prepared and came to understand
How Joseph, with the guidance of the Lord in Heaven on high,
Enabled them to survive as the seven years of famine slowly crept by.

Meanwhile, the famine extended to many lands elsewhere.
J oseph’s stepbrothers and his father, Jacob, were experiencing despair.
Jacob, in Canaan, leamed of the bounty in Egypt and sent his sons to buy grain.
They had no idea their brother was there in charge of the Egyptian domain.

The brothers were ushered to Joseph but didn’t recognize their brother.
He, however, knew them in an instant. There was no other
That they could deal with. He remembered what they had done to him.
He accused them of being spies. Their chances of buying grain seemed grim.

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