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Men of the Bible - Part Eight

The Story of Isaac and His two Sons —The Deception

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Twenty-five through Twenty-Seven

Isaac was forty years old when he and Rebekah were wed.
Isaac pleaded with the Lord. This is what he said,
“Rebekah has never been with child, I plead with You”.
God answered, and she became pregnant with not one but two.

Esau was the first born, covered with thick red hair.
Jacob came a few minutes later. The two would cause despair
As neither seemed to ever get along well with his very own brother.
Isaac favored the elder, Esau, while Rebecca favored the other.

One day, Esau, who was a hunter, arrived heme hungry and exhausted.
Jacob, who liked to stay home, had made stew. He was accosted
By his brother who said, “I’m starving. Give me some of your stew.”
Jacob’s response. “I will but here’s what you must do.

“Trade me your birthright as the older son.”
Esau said, “I’m dying of starvation.” So the deal was done.
Esau had given up his birthright with the promise he made.
Their father Isaac was unaware of the ‘birthright’ trade.

When Isaac was very old, anticipating death and almost blind,
He called for Esau, his older son. He had the boy’s future on his mind.
He told Esau to hunt some wild game and prepare for his father a meal.
He would then give his blessing to his firstborn, but, alas, Jacob would steal

That blessing from his brother by deception and charade.
In collusion with his mother and in disguise, he made
His father think that he was Esau; Isaac blessed the wrong son.
Esau’s reaction: “I hate my brother for what he has done.”

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