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Men of the Bible - Part Seven

The Story of Abraham (His Later Years)

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Twenty-three through Twenty-five)

Sarah was one hundred twenty-seven when she passed away.
Abraham wept at her death. He sought a burial plot. He was willing to pay
The owner of the Cave of Machpelah any price agreed upon.
However, instead he was offered it as a gift by the owner, Ephron.

Abraham didn’t feel comfortable accepting the cave without paying.
They discussed and finally both agreed on a price. Soon Ephron was conveying
The title to the cave, the field and all the trees nearby. It became the burial place
For Sarah and for many that Abraham would love and embrace.

Abraham was now a very old man. He had experienced much love.
He had been blessed in every way by the Heavenly Father above.
One day, he sent his oldest servant on a mission to find Isaac a wife.
The servant was to bring back the chosen one to share her life

With Isaac who would continue the dynasty that Abraham had started.
The servant traveled afar, praying as he went, looking for a tender hearted
Young woman who would be the perfect match for Abraham’s son.
Praise the Lord, he found Rebecca who was that special one.

As Rebecca and the servant were approaching their journey’s end,
They saw a man walking in the fields. The man would soon extend
His arms of welcome to her for it was Isaac, her husband to be.
Isaac was to love her very much as they continued the family tree.

Abraham did marry again. Keturah was his new wife.
She bore him six children as they shared their life.
Abraham was one hundred seventy-five years old when he passed away.
He was buried in the Cave of Machpelah where his dear Sarah lay.


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