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Men of the Bible - Part Four

The Story of Abram

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Twelve through Sixteen

Abram, his wife, Sarai, and nephew, Lot, traveled to Canaan to make a new home.
The Lord had instructed him to settle down there, no more to roam.
The Lord said, “I will make you, Abram, the father of a great nation.
You will be a blessing to others.  Follow me and every relation

And all of the families on earth will be blessed because of you.”
So Abram took all of his possessions plus all of Lot’s too,
And they traveled together looking for the ideal spot.
Now, both men had a huge flock, both Abram and Lot.

There wasn’t enough land to provide food for so many cattle and sheep.
The fodder was insufficient.  The two men couldn’t keep
Their herds and flocks together, so they decided each to go their separate way.
Lot moved to a place near Sodom.  While Abram chose to stay

In the land of Canaan.  The Lord promised him for posterity,
I am going to give to you all this land that you see,
And I’ll give you so many descendants; they’ll be like grains of dust,
So many they cannot be counted.”  The Lord was benevolent and just.

The one great sadness that Abram and Sarai lived with day after day.
Sarai was unable to become pregnant, to be in the family way.
Finally, Sarai offered her servant, Hagar, to Abram so she could bear
The children that Sarai so wanted.  Sarai thought, with them there,

She could have children to cuddle, though not be their mother in reality,
But when Hagar became pregnant, she treated Sarai spitefully.
This caused a great deal of tension and, finally, Hagar ran away.
The descendants of Hagar’s son, Ishmael, would create a great nation someday.

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