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Men of the Bible - Part Eighteen
Joseph - His Remaining Years

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapters Forty-eight through Fifty

Joseph had two sons before Jacob and he were reunited.
When Jacob lay dying, he sat up, gathered strength and was excited
To see Joseph with his sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, by his bed.
He smiled at the three, looking contented, and then he said,

“God Almighty has said to me, ‘I’ll make you a multitude of nations.
They will belong to you and your descendants and all of your relations.
Now Jacob was one hundred forty-seven, half blind and could barely see.
He told Joseph, “Bring your two sons closer to me.”

Then blessed  and émbraced them and promised thema future galore
Though he promised much to Manasseh, he promised Ephraim even more.
This initially upset Joseph for Manasseh was the older of the two.
But Jacob assured His son, “Trustme, for what I do

“Is with the blessing of the Lord.” So their future was set.
For generations, their descendants would flourish and never forget
The stories of Jacob and Joseph and the ones who came behind.
What a beautiful story, what a legacy the Lord had designed.

When Jacob died, he was buried with Isaac and Abraham in Ephron’s field.
It was just as he wanted. Joseph didn’t hesitate to yield
To his father’s request. A grand and massive funeral took place.
Joseph wept; he would miss his father and his warm embrace.

After Jacob’s death, Joseph forgave his brothers for what they had done.
He said, “So much good has come fiom your intended evil. The Heavenly One
Knew what He was doing.” Then, he told his brothers, “Soon I will die.”
At the age of one hundred ten, he went to be with the Almighty One on high.

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