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Men of the Bible - Part Fifteen
                                 Joseph - His Response to His Brothers' Request

                                                                               As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                                                      Based upon Genesis, Chapters Forty-two

Joseph accused his ten step brothers of duplicity and of being spies.
They vehemently denied the accusation; they didn’t realize
That he knew perfectly well who they were, that he was ‘playing a game’.
He asked them many questions such as: “What is your father’s name?”

And, “Are there any other brothers besides the ten of you?”
He ascertained that their answers were factual and true.
The most important to Joseph, he had a younger brother.
Benjamin was J oseph’s true sibling. Rachel was their mother.

Benjamin was not with the ten to Joseph’s dismay.
Finally, he sent nine of them back to Canaan, but, “one must stay
Here in prison until the rest of you return with the brother you left behind.”
Seeing Benjamin for the first time in years was uppermost on his mind.

The nine went back home with sacks of grain but one brother stayed there.
Simeon was locked in a cell before they left. “If you really care
For this brother and if you want to purchase any more grain,
You will have your brother Benjamin with you or your trip will be in vain.”

The brothers retumed to their father, Jacob, and told of the ruler’s demand.
Canaan was devastated by the famine, a parched and barren land.
Jacob was extremely reluctant to allow Benjamin to return with them.
Would this ruler set Simeon free or capture them all and spitefully condemn

All eleven of the brothers to prison or maybe a fate even worse.
Jacob realized the options were few. The famine was a curse
That would likely result in their deaths from ultimate starvation.
So Benjamin accompanied his brothers in their return to the Egyptian nation

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