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Men of the Bible - Part Ten
Jacob – His Two wives, His Father-in-law and His Brother

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Twenty-nine through Thirty-three.

Jacob was now married to both Rachel, whom he loved, and also her sister.
Leah was unloved, but the Lord wouldn’t allow Jacob to resist her.
Leah gave birth to four sons.  She thought surely they would pave the way
For Jacob to love her, but she would never see that day.

Meanwhile, Rachel was childless.  She was jealous and upset.
She wanted a child so badly.  When she and Jacob met,
She had thought they would surely have children.  Was it not meant to be?
She decided she would have her servant as ‘a stand-in mother for me.’

Bilhah, the servant, had two sons which Rachel considered her own.
Leah, who had no more children and who had known
What Rachel had done, gave her servant, Zilpah, to Jacob as a wife.
Zilpah added to Jacob’s children and gave Leah a new lease on life.

Then God remembered Rachel’s plight and answered her prayer.
She soon became pregnant and, in nine months, was to bear
The son she had so wanted.  She said, “God has removed my shame.”
The boy, who was so beloved by his mother, was Joseph by name.

Now Jacob, wanting to go back home, asked Laban’s permission to leave.
Laban begged him to stay.  He had come to believe
That Jacob had brought him good fortune, that Jacob was the reason why
Things were going so well.  He refused to say good-bye,

But Jacob left him anyway.  Laban pursued his daughters and his son-in-law.
However, finally they reached an agreement and Jacob was allowed to withdraw.
As they were approaching home, he met Esau.  They were both in tears.
They embraced affectionately and made peace after so many years.

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