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Men of the Bible - Part Twelve
Joseph — Potiphar’s Wife and Prison Life
As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Thirty-nine


The Ishmaelite traders traveled to Egypt.  Joseph was sold to Potiphar.
Potiphar, on the personal staff of the pharaoh, saw Joseph as a rising star.
Potiphar knew the Lord was with Joseph.  He excelled in everything.
Soon he was put in charge of the entire household. He would bring

Great success to Potiphar who saw his wealth multiply.
He gave Joseph administrative responsibility, but disaster was drawing nigh.
Potiphar was so impressed with Joseph, but he wasn’t the only one.
Joseph was a handsome and well-built young man.  Potiphar’s wife had begun

To notice Joseph and, ultimately to desire him for her own.
She invited him to sleep with her, but Joseph had grown
Up a moral and righteous follower of the Lord above.
He refused her invitation; he knew it was lust not love.

She kept after him relentlessly, but he refused to give in.
Out of spite over his rejection, she compounded her sin.
She screamed as she threw herself at him and tore off his shirt.
Joseph fled from the scene.  Her screams would alert

Several of the men around the place who ran to her side.
She said, “He tried to rape me.” She scornfully lied
To get even with the man who dared to reject her advances.
When Potiphar heard her deceptive story, it seemed that Joseph’s chances

Of amounting to anything in Egypt had just been swept away.
Potiphar, in a rage, had Joseph in prison that very same day.
But the Lord was with Joseph in prison just as he was everywhere.
Joseph impressed the chief jailer; he was soon in charge of all the prisoners there.

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