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Men of the Bible - Part Six
The Story of Abraham (Troubles, Trials and Tribulation)

As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Genesis, Chapter Twenty-one and Twenty-two)

Abraham had deceived King Abimelech.  He told him a lie.
He had said that Sarah was his sister. She caught the king’s eye.
He sent for her and knew not that she was another man’s wife.
Fortunately, he hadn’t slept with her for that would have ruined his life.

One night, God came to Abimelech in a revealing dream.
The king learned that things are sometimes far different from what they seem.
Abimelech was innocent of wrong doing.  He returned Sarah to her mate,
Plus, he gave Abraham sheep and oxen and servants – the number was great.

When Isaac was born, Hagar and Ishmael were sent away,
But that wouldn’t be the end.  There would come a day
When Ishmael’s descendants would create a great nation.
Sarah didn’t want him around, but he was Abraham’s relation.

When Isaac grew, he was the ‘apple of his father’s eye’.
Abraham was enthralled with his son; it was easy to see why.
So imagine Abraham’s deep concern when the Lord spoke of sacrifice.
Abraham was to offer Isaac as a burnt offering.  Did the father even think twice?

He had promised to obey God without question or hesitation,
But to take his own son’s life.  The realization
Of what he was about to do must have been hard to accept.
Likely, most everyone would have been in anguish and openly wept.

But Abraham, gathered wood, built an altar and was ready to proceed.
He tied Isaac to the altar when suddenly an angel would intercede.
He told Abraham he was being tested; a ram appeared to take the boy’s place.
Isaac was set free and would grow as a result of God’s a
mazing grace.



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