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Men of the Bible - Part Thirteen
Joseph - The Interpreter of Dreams

                                                                               As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                                          Based upon Genesis, Chapters Forty and Forty-one

Joseph had been thrown into prison for a crime he didn’t commit,
But the Lord didn’t abandon him, and Joseph would never quit
His devotion to the One who he relied upon every day.
Two prisoners with puzzling dreams happened to come his way.

The cup-bearer and the baker had both incurred the Pharaoh’s wrath.
Joseph, with God’s help, was able to indicate the path
That their dreams were indicating though he didn’t know why.
The cup-bearer would be restoredto his position; the baker would die.

Joseph had asked them who was restored to put in a good word for him,
But the man forgot Joseph’s help; his future seemed grim.
About two years later, the Pharaoh had two perplexing dreams.
He called on many ‘experts’, but, alas, it seems

That none of them could tell him what his dreams might mean.
Finally, the cup-bearer remembered Joseph and how he had seen
The true meaning of his dream and how What he said had come true.
He told the Pharaoh, “I think he can do the same thing for you.”

In the first dream, seven fat cows devoured seven ugly and gaunt.
In the second, seven healthy heads of grain, the kind everyone would want,
Were swallowed up by seven shriveled and withered by the east wind. ,
What could these dreams portend? The Pharaoh was vexed and chagrined.

He sent for Joseph and Joseph said, “God is telling you what he will do.
There will be seven years of prosperity and then, for seven years, you,
And all of Egypt, will experience a famine, severe and devastating.
You must find the wisest man in all of Egypt, no hesitation, no waiting.”

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