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Men of the Bible - Part One

The Story of Adam

                                                                                     As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                                                   Based upon Genesis, Chapters One - Four  

Adam was enthralled with the Garden; it was so lush and green.
It is likely that, over the centuries, no one has ever seen
A spot so lovely.  Yet, Adam was not completely happy there,
For he was all alone in Eden, with no one to cherish and care.

God recognized Adam’s situation, so He created a new life.
He took a rib bone from the man and made Eve, his wife.
The two could roam freely in the Garden with only one thing not allowed.
The Tree of Knowledge bore fruit and the Lord avowed

That they were not to partake of the fruit from that special tree,
For, if they did, the result, the punishment would be misery.
But, alas, a serpent tempted Eve and she and Adam would become,
The first to sin against God, the first victims of Satan, the first to succumb.

As a result of their failure to adhere to the Heavenly Father’s command,
He sent them from the Garden of Eden to a harsh and barren land.
No longer were all of their needs provided for them,
For they had sinned against God, and they couldn’t stem

The consequences of their forbidden action as God’s judgement came to pass.
Adam now had to till barren soil and struggle to grow grass
Plus the food they would now need to sustain their life,
And there were soon more to feed than just Adam and his wife.

Eve soon became pregnant; their firstborn son, Cain, arrived.
Adam, the first father, though banished from Eden, for years survived
In a land harsh and unwelcoming where he fought thistle and thorn
And experienced heartache, for their next child, Abel, was killed by the first born.

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