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         February 2018
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Women of The Bible - Part Forty-two

The Story of Drusilla and Bernice
                                                                                     As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                                                  Based upon Acts 24:24 Acts 25:13, 23 Acts 26:30

Not every woman in the bible was pure and pristine.
Some were evil, conniving and sinfully mean.
Two sisters, Drusilla and Bernice by name
Are still remembered for their vile shame.

The sisters hated each other; perhaps it was jealousy.
Drusilla was beautiful – Bernice as plain as could be.
They both were wicked and scandalous and would do anything
To accumulate wealth and power, not concerned about the grief it might bring.

Drusilla had married at seventeen but left her husband for another.
Bernice had an incestuous liaison with Agrippa II, her brother.
We might debate which one was the more wicked of the two,
But it’s with the story of Paul their infamy grew.

Paul was the great leader of the church and traveled afar.
He spread The Word, seeking coverts.  He was the star
Of the Christian world – in that time and place.
His opponents wanted him to face shame and disgrace.

Felix was Drusilla’s husband and sat in the judgment seat
When Paul was brought before him.  Paul refused to retreat
From his beliefs and his message of the Eternal Son.
Drusilla was there scoffing at the dedicated one.

A second time, Paul was brought into the judgment hall.
This time Bernice and her brother Agrippa II considered the fall
Of this man of God for they scoffed at what they heard.
Paul tried to reason both times and convey the love of The Word.

Both women had great influence over the men by their side.
Either or both could have stepped in but both vilified
The man of God who reached out with a message for each of them.
Instead their reaction was to smile derisively, to ignore and condemn.

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