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         December 2017/January 2018
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Women of The Bible - Part Forty

The Story of Lydia
                                                                                  As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
                                                                                                        Based upon Acts 16

Lydia was a seller of purple, both cloth and dye.
She was a successful business woman living In Philippi.
Lydia was a seeker of the truth; she wanted to know
About the One True God who cared for people below.

Paul, at that time, was traveling throughout the land.
He was preaching and teaching so folks would understand
The message of the Savior and the promise he made.
He came upon Lydia one day as she silently prayed.

Paul and Silas sat down with her and shared the word.
She and her companions sought the truth, and, when they heard
The message, they knew that these two men were right.
‘They saw in the faces of these men a new and brilliant light.’

Lydia ‘then attended to the things that were spoken by Paul.’
She became the first Philippian convert and very soon all
Of her family were baptized as she spread her new joy.
She had no ulterior motive, no cunning ploy.

Lydia was known for her good judgment; many followed her lead.
Many had worshipped other gods, but they found their need
For a loving, benevolent God who would love and care
Could only be met by Lydia’s God, the One always there.

Lydia now opened her home to all who sought the One.
Her door was always open. She would never reject or shun
A seeker, regardless of what they’d done in the past.
Her compassion has made her story endure and last.

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