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Women of the Bible - Part Fifty

The Story of Manoah’sWife & Sampson’s Mother
As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Judges 13:2, 11, 19-23.

She was married to Manoah of Zorah; her husband was a Danite.
An angel appeared before her and spoke of a Nazarite.
He told her she must drink nothing strong, not even wine.
She must eat no unclean food. He gave her a sign.

She listened reverently and was obedient to the angel’s voice.
Her faith was so strong, she had no choice
For the angel told her that her son would accomplish great things.
She named the boy Sampson. “When I see him, my heart sings.”

Manoah was skeptical, pessimistic and full of fear.
He said, “We will surely die,” for God has been here.
But’ his wife’s faith was strong; she remained unshaken.
She believed in the Lord; she knew they would not be forsaken.

She raised Sampson with love and taught him well.
He must never drink intoxicants, and she went on to tell
Her son that he must never, not ever cut his hair.
For his long-grown locks would assure God’s loving care.

When Sampson was grown, we hear of his mother once more.
Sampson chose a ‘forbidden’ bride. His mother was heart sore
For the Woman was a Philistine. Her mother didn’t Want them to Wed.
Sampson said, “She pleaseth me well.” thus the marriage bed.

His mother knew that, for even before he was born, it was foretold
That Sampson would be a great leader and, with actions brave and bold,
He would begin to deliver the Israelites from the Palestinian enemy.
Alas, his marriage was a failure as his mother had predicted it would be.

Though we learn that Sampson was weak Where Women were concerned,
It seems that, under his mother’s guidance, he must have learned
That the many qualities he possessed were gifts from above.
From her he learned to have faith and to rely on the Father’s Love.

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