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Women of The Bible - Part Forty-six

 The Story of Jael
As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Judges 4:17-22; 5:6, 24-27

Jael was married to Heber, a friend of the Canaanite king.
She was a deceiver, a murderer.  Her deed would bring
Her fame for the way she lured him into her tent.
Sisera was his name.  Her action had deadly intent.

Sisera was a Canaanite warrior – leading his army against the foe.
They fought the Israelites; it was Sisera’s destiny to go
To the foot of Mount Tabor as he fled the battle scene.
For his army had been defeated. Jael would intervene.

Jael and Heber were nomads.  They would be camping that night
By the ‘Oaks of the Wanderers’.  It was still daylight
When Sisera arrived, thinking he had found a friend.
Jael received him with hospitality – contemplating his end.

Sisera asked Jael for some water; she brought him milk.
She was probably overtly gracious and smooth as silk.
She invited him into her tent; he closed his eyes.
Not knowing her cordiality was a treacherous disguise.

As Sisera lay sleeping, Jael took a hammer and stake,
And with deliberate intent assured he would never awake.
The killing was deliberate, savage and premeditated.
When she made up her mind, she never hesitated.

After killing the warrior, she sought a man named Barak.
He was an Israelite general.  Did he express any shock
When she told him and claimed credit for what she had done.
No, the Song of Deborah portrays her as a commended one.

This all occurred during the twelfth century B.C.
Though Jael violated the ancient code of hospitality,
She was commended for the deed though it was vile and cold.
Why she did what she did – we were never told.  

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