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Women of the Bible - Part Thirty - eight
The Story of Sapphira
As retold in rhyme by Bob Dunham
Based upon Acts 5
In the early Christian community, with Peter in the lead,
The people banded together to meet the need
Of everyone in the group – with no one hoarding their own money or wealth.
But one couple would disobey with avarice and stealth.

Sapphira and Ananias knew of the common need.
Like many of the rest the two had agreed
That all that they owned – all they possessed
Would be shared with all who would be communally blessed.

The two who had agreed voluntarily, taking a sacred vow,
Had greed in their hearts when they decided how
They would keep a portion of their money and refuse to share
All that they had with the rest of the folks there.

It was certainly true that they had broken the trust
That they had pledged, for they knew they must
Give all to the common need with nothing withheld.
But with wicked deceptive hearts the two rebelled.

Sapphira was a party to the ‘crime’. She shared the guilt
For they kept for themselves part of the fortune they’d built.
Peter confronted Ananias about his collusive part.
Why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart?”

Ananias had no answer, and he fell down dead.
Three hours later, before Peter, Sapphira said,
We have given it all,” Peter knew she lied.
Sapphira fell at his feet, and she too died.

Sapphira’s greatest sin was not her thirst for gold.
It was not that she and Ananias decided to withhold
Part of the money they had pledged to the common good.
It was that she lied before God – an unforgiveable falsehood.

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