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"Centenary United Methodist Church"
3 W Washington St
Bath, NY
Pastor - Leanne Zeck
Phone - 607-776-3434
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Stephen Ministries

What is a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister is . . .

* a child of God who walks beside a hurting person
* a caring Christian friend who really listens
* a lay person who ha received 50 hours of training in how to provide distinctively Christian care.

A Stephen Minister is not . . .

        * a counselor or therapist
        * a problem-solver
        * a casual visitor

Stephen Ministry helps meet the needs of individuals who are . . .

    * hospitalized
    * terminally ill
    * bereaved
    * in a job crisis
    * new members of the church
    * disabled
    * homebound
    * lonely
    * in a spiritual crisis
    * looking for a caring, Christian friend

Consider allowing a Stephen Minister to walk with you on your journey to wholeness.
To request a Stephen Minister, please call Pastor eleanor Collinsworth at 607-776-3434 (church), or email her at
Pastor Collinsworth or another Stephen Leader will return your confidential call.

Stephen Ministers are Called to be Caregivers:

United Methodist Women

     Starting  January  13th,  the  UMW meeting  will  be  at  12 noon. Bring  a bag   lunch   and   enjoy   the Pledge Service   and  business meeting  that follow,  Carol Preston the treasurer of the  district  will present the  program. Our members have made the decision to  have the meetings during  the day hoping new  women  will  be  able to come at  that time. We will still  meet the 2nd Tuesday  of  the  month. For more  info  or a ride, please  call Celia Wise at 776-2534.
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